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What Is It Like Being Mr Misty?

Although the following paragraphs are not about how you are going to make huge profits or expanding your business, there are just a few little perks of owning a Mr Misty franchise and being out on the road in your local area.

There is something special about this line of work, only too often we meet people who complain about having to get their boiler fixed or their walls plastered. But in this business, it is always a sigh of relief when a customer finds out they do not have to spend thousands on replacing all of their windows. Instead, they simply pay you a much smaller amount to repair them. It is rare to come across people that don’t mind paying you for your expert advice because it is saving them money in the long run!

Through experience, you find it somewhat relaxing carrying out jobs that you’ve been expertly trained to do with ease. It gives you a break from the days you work in front of a computer dealing with your emails and processing orders.

Meeting New People

The one thing we have learnt by meeting new people every day, is how many different professions there are in the world! You often fall into conversation with your customers who are very welcoming to our service. You find out lots of new facts, ideas and meet many interesting people.

Develop a Better Outlook and Value of Life

Here at Mr Misty we like everyone to feel fulfilled with their lives, whether it be through family time, travelling, sports etc. Yes, we are here to give you the systems and model to run a very successful business and not to give you life advice! But, being a well established family run business, we have great values! We would like to mention that if you join the Mr Misty family, we will teach you the valuable methods to ensure you always have endless opportunities for your ambitions and dreams for the future!

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